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How to Meditate - Part 2: Why Meditate?

Meditation has many benefits for mind, body and spirit. While much of the evidence is anecdotal, more and more scientific and medical research is proving that meditation does good things for us individually and as a society. As I stated in my first blog on  How to Meditate, meditation helps to reduce stress, improve health (reducing stress improves [...]

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How to Meditate - Part 1: What is Meditation?

Meditation is the hot new buzzword in the United States. Everyone seems to have heard about it in one context or another. It is oftentimes associated with Yoga, Buddhist monks, the Far East, and long-haired Gurus. For the most part, meditation is viewed positively and, based on the fact that you've landed on this article, [...]

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Tush Cush Orthopedic Foam Cushion Review

You may have been looking for reviews from customers who have purchased the Tush Cush orthopedic cushion. But, how many reviews have you read with comments like, "It took too long to get here", "It arrived broken", "The actual color wasn't anything like the picture", or "Don't buy this, it's not worth the money"? None [...]

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Creating a Meditation Garden with Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes have been around since the dawn of ancient civilisation. The gentle tinkling, chiming, or gonging sound of wind chimes is produced as the gentle breeze passes through the wind chime. We hang them on porches, from tree limbs, next to windows inside the house, or wherever they will catch a breeze. The gentle [...]

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Introduction and Overview of the Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion

The Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion is the most comfortable meditation cushion available. It has a built-in slope that promotes proper pelvice and spinal column alignment for sitting meditation. It additionally has a cut out in front so that the feet can be positioned close to the body without interference from the cushion. The side extensions [...]

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Thai Shiatsu Massage Mat Review

At Sage Meditation we offer three sizes of bodywork mats. The Thai and Shiatsu Massage Mats are the most popular mats we offer. The third size is a smaller Personal Bodywork Mat. Each is a variation on a theme in that all three mats are constructed in exactly the same way with a linen-fabric enclosed, [...]

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Meditation Bench Review

Meditation Benches are designed specifically for kneeling meditation practice, also known as Seiza. The purpose of the bench in not to sit on it like a short stool, but to support the upper body and reduce the weight on the knees, shins, and ankles during kneeling meditation. There are literally hundreds of meditation benches to choose from. [...]

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Zafu Meditation Cushion Review

The Zafu Meditation Cushion is the standard in meditation cushions. It is the traditional round cushion with pleated sides and filled with either kapok, a cotton-fiber like substance or buckwheat hulls, the non-food chaff of the buckwheat grain. When originally created hundreds of years ago, the Zafu was filled with fibers from the Cotton Tail [...]

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Meditation Pillow Review

The standard in Meditation Pillows for hundreds of years has generally been the Zafu Meditation Cushion. This simple, round, pleated pillow was originally stuffed with fluffy fibers from Cattail plants. Over the years other materials have been used to stuff these cushions including cotton batting, kapok, and more recently Buckwheat Hulls, which are the non-food [...]

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Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion Size Review

The Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion is available in four sizes: Travel, Lowloft, Regular, and Oversize. The following image shows the four cushions side by side. I will go over each size and point out the differences between them and the recommendations for choosing one size over the other. Keep in mind that, unlike the round Zafu [...]

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