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Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion Review

The Cosmic Cushion™ meditation cushion is very popular with meditators at all levels. When customers call us and have questions about meditation cushions, I invariably point them in the direction of the Cosmic Cushion and Zabuton meditation cushion set. Whether you are new to meditation or you've been meditating for a few or for several [...]

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Leg Numbness During Meditation

I talk to many customers throughout the week. They generally have questions about the products or want to work with a "real person" to place an order. I enjoy that aspect of my work here at Sage Meditation even though it can take a lot of work. I meet so many wonderful people. One topic we [...]

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Summer Meditation Retreats

During the summer months we typically see a decline in sales here at Sage Meditation. This is due to the natural course of the season. As we've come out of the dreary winter and the pleasant, yet cool and rainy spring, the warm summer days invite us to get outdoors and enjoy the world around [...]

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Kapok vs. Buckwheat Hulls

Customers frequently contact us with the question, "Kapok or Buckwheat Hulls?" Many of our cushions are available with both fill materials and each material offers distinct pros and cons. Kapok has been the traditional fill for Zafu meditation cushions for thousands of years. It is a fluffy cotton-like material that comes from the Kapok trees of [...]

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