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These art-inspired yoga mats are eco-friendly and non-toxic. the mats are free of phthalates and heavy metals, which are commonly found in PVC sticky mats and foam blocks sold in most local department stores.

Each mat is 6 feet long by 2 feet wide and 1/4-inch thick (twice as thick as the standard sticky mat). The mats are durable and can be cleaned with soap and water or any sticky mat cleaner. The surface of the mat has just the right stickiness for any yoga practice. The mats are imprinted with non-toxic permanent ink that will last through years of use.

Each mat presents a different aspect of awareness for your yoga practice.

Cat Cow

This modern art rendering captures the kinetic movement of the cat cow yoga pose. This pose creates ideal spinal alignment from head to pelvis. This is one of our favorite mats to hang on the wall as an art piece when you are not using it. Just use a pant hanger and nail or hook. From Leopard spots to Cow print, the movement flows through the hourglass of time, reminding us of the beautiful flow of life itself! Now available in Chocolate.

Techni Color Turtle

The Techni Color Turtle is a bright and inspiring mat. Japanese Waves toss and flow down the left side of the mat while a large sea tortoise swims out into the vast ocean. Japanese Kanji symbols are printed down the right side to bring "Love", "Light", and "Happiness" to your yoga session.

Origami Cranes

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish such as long life, prosperity and good health, and will give a thousand years of happiness and prosperity.

Seven Chakra Heaven

The Seven Chakra Heaven design is a bold, red mat with the Seven Chakra symbols in yellow climbing a Japanese mountainscape in purple. The energizing color and Chakra symbols will energize your yoga session and bring alignment to your Chakra energy.


  • 24 inches wide (61cm)
  • 72 inches long (183cm)
  • ¼" inch thick (6mm)
  • Latex, PVC, & Phthalate Free material

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    Energetically Charged Mats

    Posted by Ray on Sep 3rd, 2015

    I got these mats because:
    1. We needed new mats.
    2. I'm bored of standard one color mats.
    3. The artistic design, thickness and powerfully bold colors and designs in these mats match my current life situation perfectly.

    The mats do not disappoint. They are thick and absolutely beautiful. An unexpected added bonus is that the mats actually make me want to do yoga more. So not only are the colors healing, designs inspiring but the mats themselves are motivational. Not to mention it is like adding paintings to the floor.

    Love them! Highly recommended. I hope Bold Mats comes out with more designs.