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Cotton Eye Pillow
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Cotton Eye Pillow
Price per Unit (each): $9.95


Lightly Scented with Calming Lavender!


  • 100% Cotton cover is removable and washable
  • Filled with organic flax seeds
  • Measures 4 inches wide by 8 inches long
  • Can be warmed or chilled for greater relief
  • Scented with calming Lavender

Removable / Washable Cover

Cotton Eye Pillow Removable Cover

Why we do not offer Silk Eye Pillows

Silk is essentially a long continous thread created by the Silk Worm when it spins its cocoon. The process of manufacturing Silk involves feeding the Silk Worm a diet of mulberry leaves. When the worm, which is actually the larval form of the moth, weaves a complete cocoon, the cocoons are dropped into a vat of boiling water. This kills the worm and causes the silk fibers to soften and separate. Because this process involves killing the silk worm, we feel it is unethical to offer Silk Eye Pillows.

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