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CenterPeace Meditation Table
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CenterPeace Meditation Table
Price per Unit (each): $175.00


The CenterPeace Meditation Table is a solid wood table that can be used for worship, personal intention, celebration, or as a memorial. The drawer can be used to store candles, incense, or to place sacred objects and memorial items. The inside of the top lid is metallic so that magnets can be used to hold pictures and other objects.

Shelves slid out on either side so that additional items can be placed on the table. The Centerpeace Meditation Table comes with votive candle cups, a glass flower vase and other items with which to decorate your CenterPeace Table. Please see below for the complete list of additional items included with the table and for an example of how you can use your CenterPeace Meditation Table.


  • Closed Dimensions: 6¾" high x 11½" wide x 7¾" deep
  • Fully Open Dimensions: 14" high x 16¾" wide x 12" deep
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Construction: Solid Wood with White Wash or Mahogany finish
  • Metal Insert on inside of lid
  • Additional Items Included with the CenterPeace Table
    • 1 glass vase (shape may vary)
    • 2 glass votives (shape may vary) with candles
    • 2 magnetic picture frames & 3 mini magnets
    • 2 reversible mats (one for each level)
    • 50 sheet note pad and pen
    • 2 signs - stand next to table for memorials & celebrations
    • 1 sign stand
    • Magnetized Lid Support - please keep in place to support lid

Additional Images

  • White - Fully Opened

CenterPeace Meditation Table in White

  • Mahogany - Fully Opened

CenterPeace Meditation Table in Mahagony

  • CenterPeace Meditation Table with Amenities

CenterPeace Meditation Table with Amenities

  • Decoration Ideas

CenterPeace Meditation Table Ideas

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