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Spirits of the River
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Spirits of the River
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Follow the course of a river from its source to the sea and beyond - a journey which mirrors the course of life. This lush, evocative, relaxing music, played on an amazing collection of instruments is a unique melange of world music influences from a multi-instrumental master.

"Different streams, joining together to make one music – one life - one river." A chill-out masterpiece.

Chris Conway - acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, acoustic nylon string guitar, voice, tin & low whistles, kalimba, zithers, electric kantele, keyboards, theremin, bamboo flute, percussion, & temple bells.

Guests - Neil Segrott - fretless bass, Mick

Track Titles - Listen to Samples

  1. From One Drop of Rain
  2. Gathering Streams
  3. River of Youth
  4. Between Waterfalls
  5. River of Memory
  6. Rapids
  7. Delta
  8. Out of Sea/Commingling/Evaporation
  9. Spirit of the River

Total Running Time : 56:48mins

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