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Healing Workshop
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Healing Workshop
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Vince Price (Spiritualist Healer) teaches simple and effective healing techniques through exercises, visualizations, and guided meditations. We are all capable of healing ourselves and this unique CD introduces simple methods that can not only help heal our own mind, body and spirit, but also our friends and family.

Featuring music by Aetherium from the album "Healing Gold".

"Vince is a compassionate, dedicated healer who I've known for many years."

~ Joe Lainchbury C.S.N.U. Healing Leader, Kettering Spiritualist Church

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Track Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Energy
  3. Exercise 1
  4. Our Bodies
  5. Exercise 2
  6. Chakras
  7. Exercise 3
  8. Universal Energy Field
  9. A Good Intention
  10. Exercise 4
  11. Meditation
  12. Exercise 5
  13. Conclusion

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