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Piano Natural
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Piano Natural
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Piano Natural is a beautiful collection of gentle piano pieces performed by Chris Conway. Ideal for relaxation, this outstanding recording is one that lovers of soft gentle piano music will want to return to, again and again.

We all need somewhere safe. Sometimes we need somewhere to travel to in our minds. That’s what I do when I play the piano. Sometimes it’s to places, sometimes to times or feelings. But they are usually safe places, away from it all, sanctuaries.

"The pieces I have selected are from over 20 years of composition. I’ve written many pieces of music in that time, but these are the ones I most often return to, especially in quiet moments. My own safe places in a busy world. I hope they will be a sanctuary for you too."

- Chris Conway

Track Titles - Listen to Samples

  1. Honesty 3:24
  2. Cry from the Past 3:21
  3. Beyond Distance 4:50
  4. Zero Horizon 2:30
  5. Cry for the Mountains 2:58
  6. Kishori 2:40
  7. One Day Never 3:31
  8. Now and Then 3:20
  9. Folklore 4:49
  10. I Will Know 4:51
  11. Souling 2:06
  12. Mantra 2:15
  13. Kindred Vision 2:52
  14. Sanctuary 7:32
  15. Honesty Revisited 0:51

Total Running Time : 52:27

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