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Season of Light
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Season of Light
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The present moment is the only space we have in which to carry on with honor and dignity the traditions of our ancestors. These moments accumulate into the future and create invaluable opportunities for us to think of new ways with which to create new traditions and ceremonies to progressively build a more sustainable world culture. We have a choice to either remain stuck in old habits that maintain the present status quo, or aspire to new visionary thoughts and ideas that will gather all human beings closer together in unity, understanding, and cultural cooperation, thereby creating a state of Grace in which all species can prosper. It is only through the power of this Grace that our planet can survive.

~ From the CD Jacket

Track Titles - Listen to Samples

1. First Kiss, Last Snow (5:02)

2. A Tear for the Way it Was (3:57)

3. The Anointed (4:20)

4. Solitary Solstice (4:38)

5. Aurora Australis (6:02)

6. Jusqu'a Lors (Until Then) (3:17)

7. Season of Light (4:25)

8. A Winter's Heart (7:49)

9. Last Kiss, First Snow (3:33)

Total Running Time:  43:03 mins

About the Artist

Nashista is Michael Alan Kowal, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and  synthesist. Michael has been writing and performing for thirty years and has focused on ambient/meditative music for the past ten, writing pieces for independent films and the meditative arts. His  eclectic background is rich in not only music, but massage, Qigong, TaiChi, and Wildlife Biology.

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