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Engraved Garden Stone - Small
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Engraved Garden Stone - Small
Price per Unit (each): $39.00




Small Garden Stone - 8" to 10" Wide

These beautiful garden stones are made to order and arrive to your home in about 2 weeks. You may choose any word or phrase you like for this stone and you can choose from any of our available symbols or no added symbol.

Your custom words and symbol will be engraved in an 8 to 10-inch wide natural sedimentary blue-grey stone, quarried in Southern New York state. The stones are 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick. The engraving is painted with 30-year stone paint for many years of durability in all weather conditions.

The Garden Stones ship for an amazingly low shipping cost. Please trust our Artisan to create a stone you will cherish for many years. But, please note that since this is a custom-made item, it cannot be returned or exchanged unless we make a mistake.

This item cannot be shipped Internationally

Click Here for some Garden Stone Ideas

Create Your Stone:  Step-by-Step Instructions

It's best to get out a pencil and piece of paper to jot down notes while you design your garden stone.

Step 1. Begin by choosing from one of the following fonts
Click the Font Chart to view a larger version

Font Choices
Click the Font Chart to view a larger version

Step 2. Choose a location for the Symbol.

  • Choose from NONE, Top-Left, Top-Center, Top-Right, Center-Left, Center-Center, Center-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Center, Bottom-Right, or See Comments
  • If you do not want to add a symbol, choose NONE from the list of locations.
  • If you want the symbol in an area other than one listed, choose, "See Comments" and tell us where you would like the symbol located.

Step 3. Select a "Symbol #" from the chart below.

  • Write down the Symbol Number and enter it into the "Symbol #" box.
  • If you choose not to add a symbol, you may leave this box blank.
  • Scroll down below this chart to continue to Steps 4 & 5

Click the Symbol Chart to view a larger version

Click to View Larger Symbol Chart
Click the Symbol Chart to view a larger version

Step 4. Type your word or words in the "Text" box.

  • Text is limited to no more than 30 characters per line.
  • Our engraver can adjust the font size to make the word(s) fit, but the longer the word(s), the smaller the font.
  • You might consider the Medium Garden Stone or Large Garden Stone for longer phrases.

Step 5. Enter any comments you have about your custom Garden Stone. If you would like to submit a sketch, please contact us. Together, we can arrange for you to fax, mail, or attach your drawing to an email.

  • You may type as much as you wish in this box even if the box gets filled up.
  • If you have no comment, you may leave this box empty.