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Digital Zen Alarm Clock
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Digital Zen Alarm Clock
Price per Unit (each): $119.95


Digital Zen Alarm Clock Woods

The Digital Zen Alarm Clock is an electronic clock, alarm clock, countdown timer, and interval timer in one unit. Its unique metal-bar chime rings to wake you or to signal the end of a length of time. When struck, the chime holds a long sustained ring for several seconds, filling the room. The chime strikes follow a specific progression according to the illustration to the above. After the first strike, the next strike occurs 3 minutes and 48 seconds later. The following strikes occur at progressively shorter time intervals and, after the 9th strike the chime is struck every 5 seconds until interrupted by pressing the Nautilus button next to the digital display.

Alarm Clock The alarm clock works just like any digital alarm clock. Simply set the alarm time and the chime will be struck at that time. The chime will then strike according to the progression in the diagram until it is interrupted.

Countdown TimerThe countdown timer works much like a digital kitchen timer. Enter in the length of time you would like for a meditation, yoga, or therapy session. Press the Nautilus button and the timer will begin to count down. The first chime will strike when the countdown reaches zero. Again, the chime strikes will follow the pattern in the illustration until the Nautilus button is pressed.

Interval Timer The countdown timer can be set to a repeat mode. In this mode, the chime will strike when the countdown reaches zero and then the timer will start over again at the amount of time set originally. The chime will strike each time the countdown reaches zero until the process is interrupted.

Hourly Chime The clock can be set to chime at the top of the hour. The metal chime will hold its sustained ring for several seconds, purifying the room and bringing about a period of mindfulness.

The Digital Zen Alarm Clock is a versatile clock that can serve many uses. The chime is clear and distinct. The loudness of the chime is adjustable to Lo or Hi to suit your needs. The chime sound is strong enough to fill a room with a few people.

Listen to the Chimes

  • B-tone Chime
  • E-tone Chime
  • Compare B & E-tone (plays B-tone followed by E-tone)


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • B-tone Digital Zen Alarm Clock Dimensions: 7-1/2" long x 2" square
  • E-tone Digital Zen Alarm Clock Dimensions: 9-1/2" long x 2" square
  • Weight: about 1 pound
  • Available in Bamboo, Black Lacquer, Clear Maple, or Dark Walnut
  • Made of solid wood (electronics & chime holder made of black plastic) - each unit has its own unique wood grain and color (except black lacquer)
  • Runs on optional 2 - AA batteries (not included)
  • Also operates on AC Power Supply (included)
  • Includes 40-page instruction booklet
  • View_Booklet View the Digital Zen Alarm Clock operating instructions (221.44 KB)


  • Usually ships out in 1 to 2 business days
  • International Orders require special handling and may not ship out for 1 to 2 weeks.

Additional Product Images

  • Digital Zen Alarm Clock

Digital Zen Alarm Clock

  • Digital Zen Alarm Clock Controls


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