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Ajna Third Eye Chakra Art Print
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Ajna Third Eye Chakra Art Print
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Third eye or brow chakra, the seat of our perception of truth.

Location: Between the eyebrows in the brain around the pituitary gland.

In Sanskrit Ajna means “command”.

Governing: our psychic sense, power of higher intuition and perception, deep spiritual imagination.

Ajna is weakened by avoiding ones perception of truth, refusing to explore life’s many expanding possibilities.

Anja connects us with our intuition in all ways, for anything. It connects us with our abilities to perceive, as we get permission to do so, more and more glimpses of our perception of our truths. Denoted by the color - Indigo

Mantra: I am opening myself more and more to the perception of the truth of who I am and the potential direction of my path.

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  • Regular Print dimensions: 11-inches wide by 14-inches tall
  • Large Print dimensions: 16-inches wide by 20-inches tall
  • Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper
  • Suitable for professional framing

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