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Zafu Meditation Cushion
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Zafu Meditation Cushion
Price per Unit (each): $49.95


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The Zafu Meditation Cushion is the traditional round, pleated cushion used by meditators of all traditions. Available in either economy or deluxe versions, the zafu meditation cushion is 14" in diameter and approximately 7" to 7.5" high. The Zafu is available with either Kapok (dense cotton-like fiber) or Buckwheat Hull fill and in your choice of color.

The economy zafu comes with the fill enclosed directly in the durable cotton twill fabric. The buckwheat hull zafu has a zippered opening that allows you to adjust the height and firmness of the cushion. The kapok zafu has a compression opening to allow air to escape. Removing any of the tightly-packed kapok fiber is not recommended.

The deluxe zafu comes with the fill enclosed in a white Muslin fabric. The cotton twill fabric in your color choice is removable and washable. The cover is secured by a Velcro and elastic closure that ensures a tight fit over the inner cushion.

Both models have a built-in carry handle for transportability.


  • Dimensions: 14-inch diameter by 7- to 7.5-inch height
  • Kapok Zafu Weight: 3 pounds
  • Buckwheat Hull Zafu Weight: 6 pounds
  • Add approximately .5 pounds for the Deluxe Zafu version
  • Economy Zafu Cover is Made of Durable Cotton Twill
  • Deluxe Zafu Cover is of Durable Cotton Twill and is Removable and Washable
  • Deluxe Zafu Cover uses Velcro and elastice closure
  • Economy & Deluxe Zafu have Built-in Carry Handle


  • Usually ships out in 1 to 3 business days

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  • Zafu Meditation Cushion

Zafu Meditation Cushion

  • Built-in carry hand on both models


  • Deluxe Zafu Cover with Velcro and Elastic Closure

Deluxe Zafu Cover

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