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Sage Meditation Gift Card
Can't find the perfect Gift? Purchase one of our beautiful Meditation Gift Cards in increments of $10.00.
Awakening Bell
A gonging bell for healing, relaxation, and meditation.

Cosmic Cushion Replacement Cover
Use our Cosmic Cushion Cover to refresh your old Cosmic Cushion.
Polder Buzz & Beep Vibrating Timer
The Polder Buzz & Beep Timer is a simple countdown timer that offers a vibration signal at the end. Perfect for Meditation & Yoga.

Personal Bodywork Mat
72" Long x 28" Wide x 2" Thick, the Personal Bodywork Mat is the ideal transportable mat for simple bodywork with a client or partner.
Engraved Garden Stone - Small
The small size Garden Stone is 8 to 10 inches across with one line of text and one symbol.
Encore Water Bell Fountain
This fountain combines the sound of water with randomly chiming bells.

Yoga Kit for Beginners
The Yoga Kit for Beginners includes one Cotton Yoga Bag, one Classic Yoga Mat, one 8-foot, D-Ring Yoga Strap, and one Foam Yoga Block
Bodhi Seed Meditation Mala
Bodhi Seeds promote enlightenment.

Angel Workshop
The Angel Workshop will help you learn more about the angels in your own home.
You Save: $3.00

Yoga Gold
Yoga Gold is beautifully composed calming music for yoga.
You Save: $3.00

Organic Soy Wax Essential Oil Candles
These organic soy wax candles are scented with 100% Organic Essential Oils only.
Forever My Child of Autumn
Within the confines of this work await compositions written as a companion guide for your odyssey into a world bounded only by the borders of your imagination. Enjoy the ride!
You Save: $5.00

An Introductory Guide to Meditation Book
This book gives a concise introduction to meditation and includes instructions to download some free music.

Buddha Temple Wind Chime
This Bamboo Wood chime features a stone Buddha statue.

Zafu and Zabuton Set
This is a set of one Zafu & one Zabuton Meditation Cushion in either Economy or Deluxe models.
You Save: $10.00
Buddha Dreamer
This CD has an amazing array of instruments to create an atmosphere for relaxation and to aid sleep.
You Save: $3.00

Pi Meditation Bench
The Pi Meditation Bench is a simple kneeling bench that allows for greater comfort during meditation.
You Save: $10.00

Horizontal Chakra Art Print
These Chakra Art prints are in the Horizontal Orientation. They can be framed and placed over doorways and windows.
Birdsong by the Stream
Lazy gentle water sounds with charming english birdsong.
You Save: $3.00