Thai & Shiatsu Massage Mats

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Our line of bodywork mats include a Personal Bodywork Mat, our smallest and most transportable. The Thai and Shiatsu Mats are popular choices with students and practitioners. These mats are comfortable, durable, and practical. They will give you many years of service.

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Personal Bodywork Mat
72" Long x 28" Wide x 2" Thick, the Personal Bodywork Mat is the ideal transportable mat for simple bodywork with a client or partner.
Shiatsu Massage Mat
78" Long x 42" Wide x 3" Thick, the Shiatsu Massage Mat is a futon-style mat designed for comfortable yet firm support during massage and bodywork sessions.
Thai Massage Mat
80" Long x 60" Wide x 3" Thick, the Thai Massage Mat is a large bodywork mat that can be used for all forms of massage and bodywork.
Massage Mat Tote Bag
This tote bag with wheels is the perfect size for our Thai and Shiatsu Massage Mats.

Massage Support Cushion
The Massage Support Cushion is a simple kapok-filled cushion that can be used to provide extra lift or support.
Yoga Bolster
The Yoga Bolster is a versatile prop for use during yoga & massage therapy sessions. With removable cover.
Shakti Mat
The Shakti Mat is an acupressure mat with 6,000 points. The effect of using the mat eases tension and induces relaxation.
Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket
The Yoga Blanket is a soft, warm blanket that provides support for yoga poses, meditation, and bodywork.

Silk Neck Pillow
The silk neck pillow is filled with supportive buckwheat hulls and the perfect size for neck support. Cover is removable.
Custom Eye Pillows
These Custom Eye Pillows can be made with your secret word on the inner pillow and your name on the removable cover.
Cotton Eye Pillow
Cotton Eye Pillow with flax seed fill and removable cover. Available with Lavender Scent only.
Relaxation Kit
The Relaxation Kit includes one Silk Neck Pillow and one Cotton Eye Pillow. Optional Meditation CD.
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Shiatsu Massage Mat Replacement Cover
Shiatsu Massage Mat Replacement Cover
Thai Massage Mat Replacement Cover
Thai Massage Mat Replacement Cover.