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Our growing line of Yoga and Pilates Supplies includes several styles of the traditional yoga mat. Simple accessories and environmentally friendly options help to create the perfect set of props for your personal practice.

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Yoga Kit for Beginners
The Yoga Kit for Beginners includes one Cotton Yoga Bag, one Classic Yoga Mat, one 8-foot, D-Ring Yoga Strap, and one Foam Yoga Block
Cotton Yoga Mat Bag
The cotton yoga mat bag is made of 100% cotton and is large enough to carry a thick or extra long yoga sticky mat.
Classic Yoga Mat
The classic yoga sticky mat available in several colors
Deluxe Yoga Mat
The Deluxe Yoga Mat is an Extra Thick sticky mat at 1/4th inch.
Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
Our Eco Conscious Yoga Mat is made of TPE - non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable.
Yoga Practice Rug
100% cotton yoga rug - a great substitute for the sticky mat.
Deluxe Cotton Yoga Mat
The Deluxe Cotton Yoga Mat is a futon-style mat for yoga, Pilates, and personal workouts.
Bold Yoga Mat
These art-inspired yoga mats are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Available in 9 designs.
Foam Yoga Block
Traditional foam yoga blocks offer a sturdy, comfortable platform to support various yoga poses.
Cork Yoga Block
Cork Blocks are an ideal prop for yoga and other bodywork practice.The blocks are made from natural cork.

Wood Yoga Block
Wood Blocks are an ideal prop for yoga and other bodywork practice. Made from natural, renewable wood.

Yoga Strap
The 8-foot Yoga Strap is a strong cotton-web strap that will assist you with your yoga practice.

Pranayama Yoga Bolster
These densely-packed cotton yoga bolsters are designed specifically for Pranayama breath work.
Yoga Bolster
The Yoga Bolster is a versatile prop for use during yoga & massage therapy sessions. With removable cover.
Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket
The Yoga Blanket is a soft, warm blanket that provides support for yoga poses, meditation, and bodywork.

Custom Eye Pillows
These Custom Eye Pillows can be made with your secret word on the inner pillow and your name on the removable cover.
Cotton Eye Pillow
Cotton Eye Pillow with flax seed fill and removable cover. Available with Lavender Scent only.
Silk Neck Pillow
The silk neck pillow is filled with supportive buckwheat hulls and the perfect size for neck support. Cover is removable.
Relaxation Kit
The Relaxation Kit includes one Silk Neck Pillow and one Cotton Eye Pillow. Optional Meditation CD.
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Polder Buzz & Beep Vibrating Timer
The Polder Buzz & Beep Timer is a simple countdown timer that offers a vibration signal at the end. Perfect for Meditation & Yoga.