Meditation Benches

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Our meditation benches come with feet that are rounded at the bottom. This allows you to place the bench at any angle so the bench seat is perfectly parallel to your bottom. This eliminates the need for a bench cushion because neither the front nor the rear edge will dig into you. You will appreciate the comfortable upright posture you achieve with our benches.

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Pi Meditation Bench
The Pi Meditation Bench is a simple kneeling bench that allows for greater comfort during meditation.
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Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench
The Pi to Go Meditation Bench in a convenient transportable, folding version of the Pi Meditation Bench.

Omni Meditation Bench
The Omni Meditation Bench is made of hand-finished Cherry Wood and folds for portability.
CenterPeace Meditation Table
The CenterPeace Table is a wonderful box with several thoughtful amenities and a versatile design.
Omni Meditation Desk
The Omni Meditation Desk is the perfect desk for the study of sacred text or as an altar.