Meditation Malas

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These traditional meditation malas each offer a unique purpose to your meditation. Whether you repeat a mantra, count breaths, or simply focus on the sensation of the bead rolling over your finger, the specific energy of each bead will infuse you and take you to a deeper state. Read the brief descriptions below to understand how each type of mala can help you. The Ebony, Rosewood, Rudraksha, Sandalwood, and Tulsi Wood Malas are available in both Neck and Wrist sizes.

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Bodhi Seed Meditation Mala
Bodhi Seeds promote enlightenment.

Ebony Meditation Mala
The Ebony Mala increases concentration during meditation. These beads are generally favored by royalty.
Lotus Seed Meditation Mala
Lotus Seeds promote spiritual and material wealth.

Rosewood Meditation Mala
Rosewood promotes healing and improves circulation.
Rudraksha Bead Meditation Mala
Rudraksha Beads promote inner peace and knowledge.
Sandalwood Meditation Mala
Sandalwood promotes tranquility during meditation.
Tulsi Wood Meditation Mala
Tulsi Wood also known as "Holy Basil" promotes devotion.