Meditation Support Cushions

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These chairs and cushions are designed to offer additional support for the back, thighs, knees, ankles, or any area of the body needing additional support. Use the BackJack Chair to support your back when sitting on the floor. The Kapok Support Cushion and Knee Pillow and be used to tuck under the thighs or knees to support the legs. And, The Tush-Cushâ„¢ is an excellent all-around cushion for a better seating posture in the car, at the desk, or anywhere.

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BackJack Chair
The BackJack Chair is a sturdy yet lightweight metal-framed seat that offers back support during meditation or while relaxing on the floor.
Kapok Support Cushion
The Kapok Support Cushion is a simple cushion that can be used to provide extra lift or support.
Knee Pillow
The Knee Pillow is a simple support cushion. Available with either Buckwheat or Kapok Fill.
Tush Cush
The Tush Cush is a simple lightweight orthopedic cushion with a wedge shape.
Yoga Bolster
The Yoga Bolster is a versatile prop for use during yoga & massage therapy sessions. With removable cover.
Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket
The Yoga Blanket is a soft, warm blanket that provides support for yoga poses, meditation, and bodywork.