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Buddha Temple Wind Chime
This Bamboo Wood chime features a stone Buddha statue.

Bells of Paradise Wind Chime
The Bells of Paradise Wind Chimes offer a deep, rich tone and 5 color options.
Chakra Stone Wind Chime
The Chakra Stone Wind Chime has 7 Chakra Stones in the Center clapper.

Emperor Gong
The Emperor Gong series captures the sound of the Far East with wonderful sounds and graceful designs. Choose from 3 sizes.
Encore Wind Gong
An elegant gong, touched by the breeze to bring mindfulness to your day.

Garden Bell
These classic Garden Bells are very popular. A little breeze creates a gentle sway and light chiming sound.
Gazing Ball Wind Chime
This unique chime provides the reflective beauty of a gazing ball.

Healing Chime
The Healing Chime is precisely tuned to create healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Healing Gong
The Healing Gong offers a gentle gonging sound that heals the mind, body, and spirit.

Heroic Windbell
These handcrafted steel chimes have a contemporary look and a deep, rich tone.
Massage Wind Chime
The Massage Wind Chime comes with an accompanying CD of original relaxation music.

Meditation Wind Chime
The Meditation Wind Chime comes with an accompanying CD of original meditation music.

Solar Light Capiz Windchime
A wonderfully beautiful combination of Capiz chimes with Solar Lights.
Tibetan Prayer Chime
The Tibetan Prayer Chime is tuned to a musical theme by composer Toru Takemitsu.

Windsinger Chimes of Apollo Wind Chime
The Windsinger Chimes of Apollo Wind Chimes are substantial in size and tone.
Windsinger Chimes of King David Wind Chime
The Windsinger Chimes of King David Wind Chimes are our largest, deepest-toned wind chimes.
Yoga Wind Chime
The Yoga Chime is a mellow-sounding chime that comes with a bonus CD of original music.