Table Chimes and Gongs

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This selection of table chimes and gongs offer sounds of peace and tranquility. Use them to destress, begin a meditation or yoga session, or just to change the energy in the room

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Awakening Bell
A gonging bell for healing, relaxation, and meditation.

Desk Gong
A beautiful brass desktop-sized gong featureing a contemporary black stand.

Hanging Gong
The brilliant sound of a traditional Chinese gong in a contemporary design.

Hanging Chau Gong
Indoors or out in the garden, this bold design and sound will complement any decor.

Tranquility Table Chime
A gentle chime designed to produce an immediate calming, relaxed feeling.

Zen Table Gong
Strike the Zen Table Gong any time you need to chase away negative thoughts.

Zenergy Single Tone Meditation Chimes
The Zenergy Chimes are beautifully made, simple hand chimes with a long, sustained sound. Perfect for ending meditation.
Zenergy Multi Tone Meditation Chimes
The Zenergy Multi-tone Chimes are beautifully made, simple hand chimes with long, sustained sounds.
Zenergy Chakra Chime
The Zenergy Chakra Chime is beautifully made. It has a chime and gem stone for each of the 7 Chakras.