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Cosmic Cushion
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Cosmic Cushion
Price per Unit (each): $59.95


Cosmic Cushion Colors
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  • Regular Lift Cosmic Cushion
    • Dimensions: 22" Wide x 15" Deep x 6-1/2" High
    • Kapok Weight: 3-1/2 lbs
    • Buckwheat Hull Weight: 6-3/4 lbs
    • Recommended for persons of average height, weight, and flexibility
  • Low Loft Cosmic Cushion
    • Dimensions: 22" Wide x 15" Deep x 4-1/2" High
    • Kapok Weight: 2-1/2 lbs
    • Buckwheat Hull Weight: 5-1/2 lbs
    • Recommended for persons 5' 5" or shorter, for those with a high level of flexibility, or for those who know they need less lift.
  • Oversize Cosmic Cushion
    • Dimensions: 24" Wide x 16" Deep x 7-1/2" High
    • Kapok Weight: 4-1/2 lbs
    • Buckwheat Hull Weight: 7-3/4 lbs
    • Recommended for persons with above average weight, taller than 6', persons with limited flexibiliy, or for those who know they need extra lift and/or support area.
  • Travel Size
    • Dimensions: 18" Wide x 11-1/2" Deep x 4-1/2" High
    • Kapok Weight: 2-1/2 lbs
    • Buckwheat Hull Weight: 5-1/2 lbs
    • Same recommedations as for the Low Loft cushion.
    • The Travel Size is identical to the Low Loft cushion, but the side extensions have been shortened to accommodate packing the cushion in luggage.
  • Children's Size Cosmic Cushion
    • Dimensions: 18" Wide x 11" Deep x 3" High
    • Kapok Weight: 1-1/2 lbs
    • Buckwheat Hull Weight: 3 lbs
    • Recommended for small children up to 5' tall - then it's time to get them a larger cushion.
    • We understand that children outgrow things quickly. For this reason, the cover is not removable on the Children's Size Cosmic Cushion so that the cost will be as low as possible.
  • Height Measurements are based on the compressed height with a person of average weight on the cushion.
  • Kapok & Buckwheat Hulls enclosed in linen fabric on all but the Children's Size.
  • Buckwheat Hull version has zippered inner pouch to allow for adjusting the hull level, including on the Children's Size.
  • Features built-in carry handle.
  • Zippered, removable cover is washable, except Children's Size.


The Cosmic Cushion (with removable cover) may be the most comfortable meditation cushion available. Its unique "fortune cookie" shape provides a natural downward slope, which rotates the hips forward and creates a comfortable upright posture for the back. The extensions on the side support the thighs during long meditations. The central cutout allows the heels to rest naturally close to the body.

The Cosmic Cushion is available with either Kapok (a dense cotton-like substance) or Buckwheat Hull fill. It isĀ available in a regular lift of 6-1/2", lowloft atĀ 4-1/2", or oversized at 7-1/2". The Kapok fill offers firm support and can be shaped to your needs. The Buckwheat Hulls naturally conform to the shape of your body to provide a more grounded feeling.

The regular lift is perfect for persons of average height and taller where the lowloft version may be better suited for those who are shorter than 5' 6". The Buckwheat Hull version also comes with a zippered opening to allow for removing the hulls to adjust height and comfort. Save the hulls in a plastic bag and they can be added back into the cushion when needed.

The cover is made of durable cotton twill fabric and is zippered so it can be removed for washing. It also has a built-in handle so the cushion can be carried with ease.

The Oversize Cosmic Cushion is for those who need more cushion to cover a broader area, for those who are much taller than average, or for those who need extra lift to compensate for a lack of flexibility in the legs. This is a SPECIAL ORDER item and may require extra assembly time before shipping. The dimensions and weight are shown below.

The Travel Size Cosmic Cushion is ideal for your upcoming retreat or to take with you anywhere. It has the same lift as the Low Loft cushion and has shorter side extensions to accommodate packing in luggage. The smaller size still offers great support and you can place it behind your neck on those long plane trips.

The Children's Size is perfect for the little meditator in the family. It is designed for children as young as 3 and all the way up to the early teen years.

To learn more about the Cosmic Cushion sizes, read this article.


  • Usually ships out in 1 to 3 business days
  • The Oversize and Children's Size Cosmic Cushions are special order items and may require additional production time before shipping.

Additional Images

  • Cosmic Cushion Size Comparisons

Cosmic Cushion Size Comparisons

  • Removable cover on the Cosmic Cushion
Cosmic Cushion Cover
  • Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion

Cosmic Cushion Meditation Cushion

What People are Saying About the Cosmic Cushion

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my cosmic cushion. I have had it for about 6 weeks and use it probably 5 times a week. It is so comfortable, I removed some of the buckwheat and after that it has felt great. I have used 4 different types but now finally found the one, no back ache and no numb feet. Meditation is now a time to look forward to, not dread.

Thank you so much.

Barbara C, Garden Grove, CA

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