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Moonleap Meditation Cushion - Regular Size
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Moonleap Meditation Cushion - Regular Size
Price per Unit (each): $185.00
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Moonleap Meditation Cushion Colors

This is the Regular Size Moonleap Meditation Cushion. It is designed for people of all sizes. The Large Size Moonleap Meditation Cushion is recommended for people of larger than average height and weight.

The Moonleap Meditation Cushion is an innovative design in crescent shaped meditation cushions. The Moonleap is a 3-piece set designed to offer amazing support during sitting meditation. The unique design helps to alleviate pressure no the Sciatic nerve, which begins at the lower back, runs down both sides of the buttocks, down the legs, around the ankles and into the feet. Pressure on the Sciatic nerve is what causes leg numbness during sitting meditation. The Moonleap's design helps to reduce the pressure on the Sciatic nerve.

The following illustration demonstrated the differnces a typical Zafu and the Moonleap in posture and support.



  • Overal Dimensions
    • Width: 25 inches (64.00 cm)
    • Depth: 17 inches (44.00 cm)
    • Height: 7 inches (18.00 cm)
  • Weight: 9 pounds (4.00 kg)
  • Covering: 100% Cotton Twill
  • Fabric can be spot cleaned with a dampened cleaing cloth and mild detergent if needed. The covering is not removable.
  • Fill: Spelt Husk - Naturally organic, insect free, no food value

Note: This is a special order item, which may require extra processing and shipping time.

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