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Luminaire Accent Lamp
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Luminaire Accent Lamp
Price per Unit (each): $125.00


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These beautiful accent lamps have 4 Lithophane panels mounted in a metal frame with matte black powder coated finish. This is a very versatile lamp. It can be placed low (on the floor or nightstand) or high on a bookshelf or cabinet. It's warm glow and intriguing porcelain panels create a wonderful feeling in your meditation space, yoga room, massage office, or bedroom.

What is a Lithophane?

A Lithophane is a casting in porcelain. The rough textured surface appears to be lumpy, for lack of a better word, until light is shown through it. The thicker parts of the porcelain appear dark and the thinner parts appear light creating the image that is "hidden" in the porcelain. It's a truly beautiful result. Lithophanes have been around since the mid 19th century.


  • Dimensions: 13¼-inches high and 4¾-inches square
  • Weight: about 8 pounds
  • Includes 6-foot long electrical cord with in-line power switch
  • Includes 60-Watt bulb
  • Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery

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