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In the Garden of Enlightenment
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In the Garden of Enlightenment
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As fear emerges, you go within to the deep place of knowing that YOU are the Buddha, the Christ, a zen master and creator of your own reality, and that there is no time but the now. And being present moment to moment, watching and observing, and creating only benevolence through all actions, thoughts, words, and intention, and seeking the truth in all things, you KNOW that ALL energy coming and going to and from you is balanced with integrity and beauty.

And, in quietly observing, you cultivate love, compassion, and kindness through listening intently and being positively present as a source of healing energy for all you encounter. Nothing else matters.

~ From the CD Jacket

Track Titles - Listen to Samples

1. In the Garden - a guided meditation (22:07)

2. The Zen Sea (25:36)

Total Running Time:  47:43 mins

About the Artist

Nashista is Michael Alan Kowal, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and synthesist. Michael has been writing and performing for thirty years and has focused on ambient/meditative music for the past ten, writing pieces for independent films and the meditative arts. His eclectic background is rich in not only music, but massage, Qigong, TaiChi, and Wildlife Biology.

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