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Tulsi Wood Meditation Mala
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Tulsi Wood Meditation Mala
Price per Unit (each): $14.95


The Tulsi Wood Meditation Mala is made with the traditional 108 beads. Each bead is smooth and knotted onto a bright golden cord.

Tulsi also known as "holy basil" is the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship - the only wood that is considered to be divinity itself. The malas made of tulsi wood are considered very suitable for meditation.

Tulsi clears the aura. It helps to balance vata and kapha doshas in ayurveda. Repeating the mantra on Tulsi increases the spiritual power of the prayer, and increases devotion and spiritual growth. It protects and aids in the pursuit of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.


  • Neck Mala
    • 108 Tulsi Wood Beads + the Buddha or Guru Bead
    • Each bead is approximately 5/16-inch (9mm) in diameter
    • Length: 16-inches (41.5cm)
  • Wrist Mala
    • 27 beads + the Buddha or Guru Bead
    • Bead size is 5/16-inch (9mm) in diameter
    • Length: 8 inches (20.3cm)
    • Elastic cord fits any size wrist


  • Usually ships out in 1 to 2 business days

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