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Gaia Ma
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Gaia Ma
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Through centuries of cultural and religious influence, the human race has been taught that we exist separately from the animal kingdom and believe that because of our greater brain capacity, we have the right to manipulate and govern all other species. In relinquishing our acknowledgment of the scientific fact that we are indeed intrinsically connected to all other species, and having mismanaged our planet to the point of its imminent collapse, we have forfeited our birthright to a healthy and prosperous future. Existing without cognitive connection to this very essence of our cellular makeup has left us barren and searching for meaning. We have been living collective human lives that reflect a "motherless" upbringing, a lack of connection to our true nature, as one with Gaia Ma, our Earth Mother.

May this music inspire us all to awaken to the understanding that we, as the most evolved species on the planet, have not only a capability, but a responsibility to create a more survivable life for all sentient beings and the Earth we call home.

~ From the CD Jacket

Track Titles - Listen to Samples

1. Deep Green Blue (10:14)

2. Under the Starlit Sky (Cades Cove) (6:36)

3. Earth Simple (Tsali Sunrise) (6:01)

4. Among the Ancient Kings (Albright Grove) (5:54)

5. Jardins de la Coeur (Gardens of the Heart) (7:48)

6. Gaia Ma (5:38)

7. God's Dreams (4:39)

Total Running Time:  46:50 mins

About the Artist

Nashista is Michael Alan Kowal, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and  synthesist. Michael has been writing and performing for thirty years and has focused on ambient/meditative music for the past ten, writing pieces for independent films and the meditative arts. His  eclectic background is rich in not only music, but massage, Qigong, TaiChi, and Wildlife Biology.

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