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Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench
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Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench
Price per Unit (each): $88.00

The Pi Meditation Bench is a simple kneeling bench that offers greater comfort during meditation. The design is so unique, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it before now. Now it's available in a folding version for easier transport.

As with the original Pi Bench, the feet are located in the center of the bench where they will not impede your ability to comfortably place your legs under the bench. There is no border on the outer ends of the bench to impinge on your calves. Yet, the feet are far enough apart at the center to create a stable platform for your meditation posture.

Rounded on the ends, the feet can be set in an infinite number of positions so that you can place the bench at the perfect angle for your comfort. The height of the bench combined with this feature creates a comfortable sitting posture for anyone.

The bench is hand made from select hardwoods and finished with a durable lacquer coat. The wood color can vary from a warm honey ash to natural oak color. Each bench has distinct wood grain and markings making this uniquely your bench.

This product is made in Wisconsin, USA.


  • Dimensions: 18-inches (45.7cm) wide, 7-inches (17.8cm) deep, 7ΒΌ-inches (18.4cm) high
  • Weight: 5 pounds (2.3kg)
  • Durable lacquer coat finish
  • Simple mechanism makes it "easy as Pi" to set up and break down the bench, while creating a sturdy seat.


  • Usually ships out in 1 to 3 business days

Additional Images

  • Pi To Go Meditation Bench

Pi To Go Folding Meditation Bench

  • Rounded feet allow you to position the bench at any angle


  • Pi To Go Meditation Bench folded flat

Pi To Go Bench Flat

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