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Reiki Workshop
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Reiki Workshop
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For beginners and experienced Reiki healers, this innovative workshop by Philip Permutt not only encourages recently attuned healers to develop and practice their Reiki through exercises and guided meditation, but essentially offers advanced healers a useful set of meditations to prepare for treatments and attunements.

"Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you. Anyone can access Reiki, because it begins within yourself."

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Track Titles

  1. Welcome to Reiki
  2. The Reiki Ideals
  3. Reiki Attunements
  4. Reiki Treatments
  5. Everyday Reiki
  6. Reiki for Animals, Pets and Plants
  7. Lifestyle - Reiki and the Chakras
  8. Reiki Visualization for Manifesting Goals
  9. Reiki and Meditation
  10. Gasho Meditation
  11. Reiki in the Palm of Your Hand

About Philip Permutt

Since "discovering" meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in the late1970’s, Philip has practiced and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. He teaches meditation and established the regular open meditation groups at his shop and healing centre, iSiS, in St. Albans, England.

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