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Horizontal Chakra Art Print
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Horizontal Chakra Art Print
Price per Unit (each): $24.95


“Celestial Chakras” is a series of paintings composed with the specific intention of stimulating the imagination toward how the symbols of the chakras might look if they were formed within the creation of the cosmos. They were designed and painted by West Michigan artist Patrick Reiley to create a sense of awe and connection between us and the stars, a unity between our own creation and our link to the creation of the universe. We hope you enjoy the feeling of this connection every day. We created this fine art print to help.

The Horizontal orientation can be framed and placed over doorways and windows to provide Chakra energy as you pass through the doorway or to provide protection.

Gazing at the intricate design, you will discover many facets about each Chakra image. The larger prints will help most to facilitate Chakra focus and study.

The Sanskrit name for each Chakra is presented in the print and a beautifully printed sheet with detailed information about each of the Chakras is included with the print.


  • 24 inches long by 6 3/8 inches high
  • 40 inches long by 10 5/8 inches high
  • 45 inches long by 12 inches high

About Chakras and the Celestial Chakras Print Series

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