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Anahata Heart Chakra Art Print
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Anahata Heart Chakra Art Print
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The heart chakra, the center of love and the seat of the individual soul.

Location: In the center of the chest between the breasts.

In Sanskrit Anahata means “unstuck“.

Governing: Who we are amidst our world and how we step forward in it. Anahata guides us lovingly in all relationships. It helps us in our journey to create compassion, acceptance and forgiveness for oneself and others.

Anahata is weakened by lack of trust in the strength and power of love and fear of love itself.

Anahata, reinforces our ability to manifest and feel unconditional love.. It is the seat of balance in healthy relationships with ourselves and others, the ability to connect, relate to, validate and ultimately love ourselves and others. Denoted by the color green.

Mantra: Love is the greatest purpose in life. I can love and be loved by myself and others. I can compassionately forgive with a strong heart that is infused with humble respect for all.

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  • Regular Print dimensions: 11-inches wide by 14-inches tall
  • Large Print dimensions: 16-inches wide by 20-inches tall
  • Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper
  • Suitable for professional framing

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