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Svadisthana Sacral Chakra Art Print
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Svadisthana Sacral Chakra Art Print
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Sacral chakra, the creative chakra, second seat of primal energy.

Located: below the navel, at the mid-lower belly.

In Sanskrit: Sva (self), adhisthana (abode of the self).

Governing: The truth of our emotions, our ability to establish relationships, intimately and sexually.

Svadisthana is weakened by negative emotion of any kind.

Svadisthana is concerned with exploring our emotional truths, with exerting greater independence and exploring creative and sexual drives. Svadisthana is denoted by the color orange.

Mantra: I am a creative being with passion for life. My relationships with others allow the continuous evolution of self. I am becoming a more and more loving, compassionate and sensual human.

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  • Regular Print dimensions: 11-inches wide by 14-inches tall
  • Large Print dimensions: 16-inches wide by 20-inches tall
  • Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper
  • Suitable for professional framing

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