Protection Workshop

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One of the most commonly asked questions that popular author Cassandra Eason is asked is how to protect ones self against harm from negativity and feel safe. This groundbreaking recording includes exercises and meditations by Cassandra to make us feel secure, comforted and protected in our daily lives.

Artist: Cassandra Eason
ISBN: 978-1906738006
UPC: 5060090221339

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Title Tracks

  1. Why do we need psychic protection?
  2. How does psychic protection work?
  3. Sending back harm or ill wishing
  4. Protection in the home against bad atmospheres and unfriendly ghosts 
  5. Reflecting back tension, anger or unfair criticism at home, at work, and while travelling using mirrors and metals
  6. Workplace Protection using crystals
  7. Personal protection, closing down your energies to shield you against harm while you sleep or when you need to lower your profile in 
    hazardous places
  8. Angelic Protection for times when you are alone, afraid or in danger
  9. Psychic Protection in your life