Vibrating Meditation Timer

Vibrating Meditation Timer

Posted by Jay Suthers on Jun 2nd, 2014

The Polder Buzz and Beep Vibrating Meditation Timer

For those of you seeking a super affordable yet pleasant timer for meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki, or therapy sessions, the Polder Buzz and Beep vibrating meditation timer can't be beat. At the time of this writing, the Buzz and Beep Timer is selling for just $15.95 (price subject to change without notice). Since the timer can be shipped via US Mail, the delivery cost is minimal.

Watch this video about the Buzz and Beep Timer:

The Buzz and Beep timer is very easy to use and the vibration mode is soft and gentle enough to alert you when the time is up without being jarring or disruptive. The timer is reliable and the included batteries will last for many sessions. Since the timer uses 2 AAA standard batteries, they are easy and affordably replaced when the time comes.

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