Awakening Bell Meditation Chime

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When the Awakening Bell is sounded, the long overtones of the bell naturally put the listener into a Theta state, which is a relaxed state characterized by deep calm. The tone of the Awakening Bell resonates with an area of the brain that helps control stress. Through this resonance we experience a lightness and sense of well being.

The Awakening Bell can be played in two ways. Tap it and listen to the overtones, or rub it (Tibetan Singing Bowl style) and make it sing. The Awakening Bell comes with an instruction booklet that includes background information on the bell and explains how to play the bell (both styles of playing).

Listen to the Bell

Awakening Bell Tapped

Awakening Bell Rubbed


  • Dimensions: 26" long by 8" wide by 6" high
  • Weight: about 5 pounds
  • Tube: Anodized aluminum
  • Wood: Teak and Ebony finished bamboo laminate
  • Note: Middle C (C5)