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Beginners Guide to Meditation and Visualization

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In this beginners guide by meditation expert Sally-Ann Taylor there are three meditations:

The first meditation is a very simple five minute counting exercise with relaxation music by Llewellyn. This is the first step to allowing your mind to relax. 

The second meditation is longer, there is no music so as to encourage and develop visualization.

The third meditation incorporates healing colors and music in order to bring each of the seven key chakras back into balance.

By practicing meditation daily, the mind learns to relax and let go of the thoughts that constantly buzz around in our heads. This promotes an inner peace and quiet, and an ability to put one’s problems to the side in order to relax the mind and body.

Sally-Ann Taylor is a psychic medium who uses her gifts to help people develop spiritually. With this collection of meditations, listeners are given a wonderful tool for creating a stress-free, serene demeanor.

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