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Drum Workshop

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Top drum workshop teacher Chris Puleston invites listeners to participate in their own home drum workshop. Focusing on the popular djembe drum, Chris incorporates easy exercises and techniques for beginners and more advanced students. Drum Workshop also contains detailed sleeve notes by Chris Puleston.

Artist: Chris Puleston
ISBN: 978-1905907137
UPC: 5060090220837

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Track Titles

  1. Djembe Solo (by Chris) and Introduction
  2. Go and Do
  3. Pa and Ta
  4. Gun and Dun
  5. Go Do Pa Ta Gun Dun
  6. Gun Dun Go Do Go Do Gun Dun
  7. Mala
  8. Econcon
  9. Kassa
  10. Dooby Dooby
  11. Triplets
  12. Balakulania
  13. Echoes
  14. Farewell