Faerie Workshop

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Top UK faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes-Ward takes us on a magical journey to meet the faeries. Featuring popular visualizations and guided meditations from her own faerie workshops, this unique CD is an absolute must for anyone who has a passion about faeries.

Artists: Alicen Geddes-Ward, Llewellyn
ISBN: 978-1905907151
UPC: 5060090220592

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Track Titles

  1. Welcome by Alicen
  2. Do You Believe in Faeries? An Exercise in Belief
  3. Visualising Your Faerie Queen
  4. The Faerie Queen Meditation
  5. Honouring the Faeries Celebration - Including Three Healing Faerie Wishes
  6. Two Feet Firmly on the Ground - A Grounding Exercise.