Florensi Meditation Bench

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The Florensi Meditation Bench is a folding meditation bench made from sustainable, durable bamboo wood. This meditation stool features a slight 5-degree forward tilt and soft velvet-covered cushion for maximum comfort during kneeling meditation. The Seiza posture is preferred by many meditators as it promotes an excellent upright posture and reduces stress on the knees that commonly occurs with the cross-legged or Lotus sitting posture.

For convenience and portability, the bench features folding legs and a carry bag. The locking magnetic hinges ensure the legs will not fold up during use but allow the legs to fold in when needed.


  • Dimensions: 18" wide by 6" deep by 7" high
  • Weight: about 4 pounds
  • Material: Bamboo wood with metal hinges
  • Cushion: Velvet fabric removable cover with foam cushion - about 1" thick and perfectly shaped for the seat of the bench
  • Includes carry case with handles