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Inner Fulfilment - Nada Brahma

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Inner fulfillment is a passionate spiritual album rich in authentic Indian sounds and chants. Madhava has worked with many great musicians on sitar, guitars, flutes, violins, accordion, tablas, and percussion. This is an outstanding album that is more than just music and entertainment. In the true sense of Nada Brahma (Mantra) it is a means for attaining eternal beatitude.

Artist: Madhava
ISBN: 978-1905907502
UPC: 5060090220578
Total Running Time: 61:07 mins

Title Tracks

  1. Guru Yoga
  2. Soul Mandala
  3. Inner Fulfilment
  4. Ecstasy Sutra
  5. Gita Govinda
  6. Reverence
  7. Offertory
  8. Govinda Jaya
  9. Mellifluous
  10. Cosmic Body
  11. Celestial Flower Song
  12. Bonus Track: Mage