Large Garden Bells

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These Large Garden Bells are a unique sculpture designed to add beauty, charm, and a touch of whimsy to the home or garden. Adapted from an original design by artist and musician Ron Snider, they are handcrafted using solid brass bells for excellent sound. The Large Garden Bells features nine beautiful brass cups on long wire stems mounted to a weather-resistant GardenStone base. Place the Large Garden Bells on a walkway and visitors may announce their arrival by ringing these bells. This bouquet of brass cups is just as beautiful when placed inside too, where the lightest touch will create soft and soothing music..

Although we have this item in our Wind Chime Category, this bell is not powered by the wind, but rather by people and animals. Place the bells close to a walkway so people walking by brush up against the bells and make them ring.

Listen to the Large Garden Bells Sound


  • Dimensions: 24" high by 13" diameter
  • Weight: about 7 pounds
  • 9 Polished Brass Bells
  • Stainless Steel Wires and Brass Leaves
  • Simulated stone base is heavy, durable, and weather proof