Magick Workshop

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Cassandra Eason, white witch, Druidess and psychic researcher for more than twenty years, guides you into the world of magic on this inspiring Magick Workshop. Learn step by step how to cast a simple spell using items you have around your home.

Follow five easy but effective stages to fill your personal psychic energy field with the power to draw to you what you need and to remove what makes you sad or holds you back from happiness.

Artist: Cassandra Eason
ISBN: 978-1905907618
UPC: 5060090221018

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Track Titles

  1. What is magick?
  2. The way magick works and what you need to know
  3. What you will need for the spell and how to set up your magical space
  4. How to choose a symbol
  5. Beginning your Spell
  6. Introducing Earth to the Spell
  7. Introducing Air to the Spell
  8. Introducing Fire to the Spell
  9. Introducing Water to the Spell
  10. Raising the Power
  11. Releasing the Power
  12. Grounding the Power
  13. Ending the Spell 
  14. Magical energies
  15. Bringing the Magick into your Daily Life