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Meditation Workshop

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In this innovative workshop CD, popular meditation teacher Philip Permutt introduces beginners to meditation techniques and exercises that will enable them to relax the body and empty the mind. Includes a specially recorded guided meditation and detailed sleeve notes by Philip's students.

"Learn to relax the body and empty the mind each time you listen to this CD" Jane Rowan, Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher.

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Track Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Meditation "Breathe"
  3. The Fight or Flight Response - Why You Feel Relaxed
  4. Meditation "Tension Release"
  5. Benefits of Meditation
  6. Meditation "Deep Breathe"
  7. Meditation "The Pool of the Soul"
  8. What is Meditation?

About Philip Permutt

Since "discovering" meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in the late 1970’s, Philip has practiced and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. He teaches meditation and established the regular open meditation groups at his shop and healing centre, iSiS, in St. Albans, England.