Mediumship Workshop

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"Our loved ones are closer than we think. Simply send out a thought, for thought is powerful in the Spirit World."

Popular UK Medium Vince Price has compiled a special recording to help both beginners and more experienced students to communicate with the Spirit World. Vince presents an easy-to-understand guide on mediumship and includes several exercises and a guided meditation that encourages the listener to be open enough to hear and see the thoughts of Spirit.

Vince explains the importance of protection when communicating with the Spirit World and how mediums need to realize they have great responsibility. It is presented with great respect to Spirit and with full responsibility to the safety and care of students.

Artists: Vince Price, Llewellyn
ISBN: 978-1905907205
UPC: 5060090220431

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Track Titles

  1. Introduction
  2. Balance
  3. What is Spirit
  4. Exercise 1 - Visualisation
  5. Vibration
  6. Protection
  7. Exercise 2 - Protection
  8. Chakras
  9. Exercise 3 - Chakras
  10. Imagination
  11. Meditation
  12. Guided Meditation - Preparation
  13. Guided Meditation
  14. Spirit around us
  15. Exercise 4 - Telepathy
  16. Spirit Guides
  17. Exercise 5 - Developing Mediumship
  18. Conclusion