Paradise Cafe

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Imagine sitting on an exotic sun drenched terrace surrounded by the soft sound of gently breaking waves. Nothing to do except relax.

Paradise Café is a relaxing and refreshing summery album by award winning recording artist Andreas. Produced in the style of Café Del Mar and the Buddha Bar, Paradise Café creates the perfect mood for chilling with family and friends. Also ideal for spas, healing centres, nail bars, therapists, or wellness centers looking to create the ideal chilled atmosphere.

Artist: Andreas
ISBN: 978-1908989246
UPC: 5060090222572
Total Running Time: 65:00 mins

Track Titles

  1. Paradise Café
  2. Earth Halo
  3. Evolving the Distance
  4. Passion for Life
  5. Night Vision
  6. Devine
  7. Simple Pleasures
  8. The Outlands
  9. Secrets of the Deep
  10. World of Difference
  11. Cosmic Solution