Reiki Colours

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Reiki Colours is beautiful healing music by Andreas. Specially timed 5 minute tracks that are ideal for a Reiki treatment.

Working closely with producer Llewellyn, Reiki Colours is not only relaxing and calming but has a journey feel that follows the treatment. For example, as the healee goes into a deeper state then the music becomes more floaty, light and sensitive. Towards the end of the treatment the music becomes more melodical and grounding.

Featuring gentle acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, strings and flute, Reiki Colours is also perfect for relaxation, massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.

Track Titles

  1. Star Shine
  2. Beyond the Stream
  3. Awaken Angels
  4. Dream Colours
  5. Rainbow in my Heart
  6. Colours of Hope
  7. Healing Colours
  8. Forever in My Dreams
  9. Magic of Colour
  10. Wonder of Love
  11. Above Our Sky
  12. Star Shine (Reprise)

Total Running Time: 60:00 mins