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Reiki River

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Reiki River is beautiful healing music by Niall. Specially timed 5 minute tracks create an hour of ideal music for a Reiki treatment. Co-produced by popular Reiki composer Llewellyn, Reiki River features outstanding flute performances by multi instrumentalist Niall with gentle guitar, keyboards and healing bowls. Set against a background soundscape of soft flowing natural sounds of water, Reiki River is refreshing and like the energy of water, it will cleanse and help wash away the negativity.

Track Titles

  1. Reiki River (The Journey Begins)
  2. Amber Breeze
  3. Secret Garden
  4. Misty Reflections
  5. Willow Pool
  6. Floating Leaves
  7. Water Sprites
  8. Blue Haze
  9. Drops of Peace
  10. Water Meadows
  11. The Day Awakes
  12. Reiki River (The Journey Ends)

Total Running Time: 60:00 mins