Reiki Sleep

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Reiki Sleep is a Reiki album by popular Reiki Composer Llewellyn (Reiki Gold, Sleep Gold). Working closely with experienced Reiki Master Mandy O'Neill, Reiki Sleep includes a specially timed opening track for listeners to focus on their 7 main chakra points before going to sleep. The remainder of the album is continuous dreamy music to relax and help aid a good night's sleep. The healing music can also be used for Reiki treatments and is perfect for massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.

Track Titles

  1. Intro - Crown Chakra - Sahasrara
  2. Brow Chakra - Ajna
  3. Throat Chakra - Vishudda
  4. Heart Chakra - Anahata
  5. Solar Plexus - Manipura
  6. Sacral Chakra - Svadisthara
  7. Root or Base Chakra - Muladhara
  8. Reiki Sleep