Spirits of the Sea - The Sirens Song

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A haunting and atmospheric soundscape of music following the story of the spirits of the sea and the sky and their enchantment by a siren. Sirens are sea nymphs - part woman, part bird - said to lure sailors with their song.

Featuring an amazing interweaving of real instruments, especially featuring the Celtic harp, his richly evocative music is inspired by the sea, its mystery and mythology.

Artist: France Ellui
ISBN: 978-1905907311
UPC: 5060090220479
Total Running Time: 49:54 mins

Track Titles

  1. Siren Song
  2. Clear Skies
  3. The Deep
  4. Sunset
  5. Paradise Island
  6. Cloud Dance
  7. The Maelstrom
  8. On the Wing
  9. Spirits of the Sea/Siren Song (reprise)