The Little Chakra Meditation Album

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Following the best selling "The Little Meditation Album" is another perfect compilation of short guided meditations aimed at energizing and revitalizing our main seven chakra energy centers.

Suited to both beginners and advanced meditators, Philip Permutt also includes a grounding meditation and an innovative 7 Chakras meditation in under 10 minutes for busy people on the go. The CD includes detailed sleeve notes about Chakras and meditation by Philip Permutt.

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Track Titles

  1. Relaxation and breathing
  2. Base Chakra Meditation
  3. Sacral Chakra Meditation
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
  5. Heart Chakra Meditation
  6. Throat Chakra Meditation
  7. Brow Chakra Meditation
  8. Crown Chakra Meditation
  9. Grounding Meditation
  10. The 7 Chakras Meditation