Victorian Garden Wind Chime

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The Victorian Garden Wind Chime produces tones reminiscent of distant school or church bells. It pays tribute to a period when gardens and meadows were treasured and craftsmen created decorative metalwork to adorn them. The essence of a summertime meadow is represented with the nature design of the top piece and the cast metal clappers of hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies and turquoise-colored beads. The rust finish offers a natural beauty that warms up the steel elements with an earthy, brown color and an interesting, weathered texture. The meadow is abuzz with the activity of the many creatures that come and go. But it's also a lazy place where one can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Listen to the Victorian Garden Wind Chime


  • Overall Length: 52 Inches
  • Weight: about 2 pounds
  • Construction: 3 rust finish steel tubes and top, rust cast aluminum leaves and animals, stone accents